Grab your towel and sunglasses and come explore Okoboji Beaches!  

opens in a new windowArnolds Park City Beach

mapArnolds Park City Beach is right in the middle of all the excitement. Just next to the bridge on Highway 71, you can walk or drive to the available parking lots after enjoying breakfast at the opens in a new windowDry Dock, lunch at opens in a new window The Ritz, and or dinner at opens in a new windowDuke’s. It is a family friendly place for kids to swim and parents to kick back and enjoy the view of the passing boats. There are bathrooms available next to the parking lot as well as a pleasant place to stay- opens in a new windowThe Four Seasons Resort. Join in on all of the excitement at this convenient beach location!


opens in a new windowGull Point


mapNeed a place to explore the grounds or host an event? Gull Point is home to many aesthetically pleasing outdoor options. It grounds a beautiful wood shelter that holds decorated ceremonies and celebrations for locals and tourists. It has hosted multiple graduations, weddings, family reunions, and other scheduled events- all including the use of a large parking lot, handicap accessible options, bathrooms, private kitchen, wood fireplace, seating area, outdoor swinging benches, and anything else you need for a successful event. The park offers two picnic table areas- one with volleyball courts and an open space for activities and another just down the tree covered trail by the broad sandy beach. It is common to find locals and visiting tourists anchored off the shallow end of the beach. With calm waters and shaded areas, it is a great place to explore.


opens in a new windowArnolds Park Amusement Park Beach

mapWhat is more All- American than a hot dog and a vanilla malt from opens in a new windowBob’s fast food place along with a day at the beach than on Arnolds Park Amusement Park beach?! Bob’s overlooks a popular area for visiting tourists and locals. The beach is a close walk to the amusement park as well as a walk away from the abundance of shops and food availability. From a wonderful stay at  opens in a new windowFillenwarth Resort to the right, beach volleyball courts in the middle, and the Saturday day night concert holding opens in a new windowPreservation Plaza to the left, you will never be without activities. The view is amazing, food is delicious, atmosphere is alive, and company is friendly!

opens in a new windowOrleans Beach

beach sunset

mapGrab your ice cream cone at the on location Spillway Drive-In and roam around the grounds. The Orleans Beach offers a place for families to swim in the sun, fishermen to catch dinner in the spillway, yoga goers to participate in monthly sessions, a place to enjoy a snack, and much more of what you make it! Bathrooms are available next to the Spillway opening as well as a parking lot. This local attraction will keep you busy!

                                                      opens in a new windowEmerson Bay State Park


mapLaunch your boat, kayaks, and canoes into action at Emerson Bay State park! Enjoy long days out on the boat fishing and swimming and fire lit nights with plenty of marshmallows at the campsite. With clean bathrooms and friendly hosts, they make the stay worth it. If you are looking for something to do during the day, there is a bike trail just near the highway that will take you anywhere! The grounds of this park provides a looking tower with a perfect view of the lake as well as a small playground area. This vast green space is the perfect place to spend a sunny summer getaway!


opens in a new windowTerrace Park Beach



mapTerrace Park Beach is a perfect place for parents with small children due to the fenced in feature of the beach. The clean sands and water make your time enjoyable as you swim, float, and relax. If you are there at the right time, you may be lucky enough to participate in the Okoboji tradition of Shaw’s ice cream truck treats. It total, it is a great beach to bring the family too and spend an afternoon together!


opens in a new windowCrandell’s Beach



Marble Beach State Park is home to Crandall’s Beach – a fine place for young and old to sunbathe and splash in the clear water of Big Spirit Lake, and is located just north of Marble Beach. It is a quiet place to relax, read a book, and enjoy the view for a fun day in the sun! Grab your towels and sunglasses, and head on over to Crandell’s Beach!



opens in a new windowOkoboji Boat Works Beach



With a buzzing atmosphere and playful waters, parents can lay out at the beach or enjoy refreshments on the barge while kids can enjoy the playground and swimming area. Okoboji Boat Works offers a fueling station, bathrooms, assortments of foods, docks, boat show room, as well as two available shopping areas for all your water and beach needs! Want to get wild? Rent your water transportation of choice, and get out on the water! Stop in and enjoy an eventful day at Okoboji Boat Works!


opens in a new windowPike’s Point State Park


Pike’s Point State Park is a perfect place for a mid-summer day picnic or relaxing day getaway. The park offers many great features for an enjoyable day: a playground for the kids, a green area to lay out, a covered picnic table/ fireplace area, a swimming platform, boating dock, and an extensive beach area for everyone. Bathrooms are available just up the green space hill near the parking lot. Come visit the clear waters, warm sun, and welcoming atmosphere with all friends and family!