Preserve Our Lakes

West Lake Okoboji is designated as a ‘high quality recreational water,’ meaning the conditions of its waters must support “direct, prolonged and full body contact recreation such as swimming and water skiing”. West Okoboji is also a drinking water source, and has a special designation as an Outstanding Iowa Water, meaning it exceeds Iowa’s recommended water quality standards and should not be allowed to degrade to the allowable level.

Water quality is determined by water quality monitoring. Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project, (CLAMP) is a volunteer lake monitoring program started in 1999 by Iowa Lakeside Lab and Friends of Lakeside Lab. Volunteers collect water samples throughout the summer on nine lakes in Dickinson County, Iowa. The goal of CLAMP is to provide long term monitoring data for algae conditions and educate local citizens about lake ecology.  The Iowa DNR also runs a statewide lake monitoring system.

What can you do while you’re here to contribute?
• Purchase locally made products and food.
• Utilize Beach Clean-up boxes located at many area beaches.
• If you had a wonderful experience visiting the Iowa Great Lakes Area, consider making a donation to a local non-profit organization whose interests and programs helped make that possible and/or match your interests.
The member businesses and the Okoboji Tourism Committee would like to thank you for visiting our area, for taking an interest in sustainable tourism, and for helping to preserve our beautiful, historic part of the world.

Lake Protective Associations:

Non-Profit Associations
Center Lake Protective and Improvement Association
Conservation Districts of Iowa
Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project (CLAMP)
Dickinson County Clean Water Alliance
Dickinson County Conservation Board Foundation
Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation Foundation
East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation
Friends of Iowa Lakeside Lab
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Great Lakes Association
Iowa Great Lakes Water Safety Council
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Iowa Prairie Network
Okoboji Protective Association
Silver Lake Park Improvement Association
Soil and Water Conservation Society
Spirit Lake Protective Association
Local  Commissions
Dickinson County Water Quality Commission
Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District
Dickinson County Conservation Board
Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District
State Agencies
Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
Iowa Rural Water Association
Iowa State University Extension Service
Federal Agencies
Iowa Great Lakes RC&D
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Geological Service
USDA Farm Service Agency
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service