Riddle Me That

My Brain Got A Workout!
by Rebecca Peters

This week I visited the Riddle Me That! Riddle Me That is an escape room in Arnolds Park. Get a group of friends (or coworkers) together and plan for a challenging hour solving a series of riddles and puzzles to escape the room and win!

This week’s adventure took required backup, so I took my tourism partner-in-crime, Laurie Simington. Riddle Me That offers 2 challenging rooms that have been created by locally by owner Kara Packenbush.  We attempted to escape “The Outlaw” room.  I was told this is the most challenging room they’ve ever had at Riddle Me That!   The room is so well set up that we felt transported into the story.  The surroundings made it very fun to attempt to find and solve MANY puzzles!

If you’ve got a group of adventurous puzzle solvers, definitely book adventure at Riddle Me That!  This experience requires team work as you find clues and solve puzzles.  You have 1 hour to complete the challenge, and it will be one of the fastest hours of your life!

Hear more about this adventure in the Vacation Okoboji podcast!

I hope you are inspired to visit the many attractions that are sure to entertain you in Okoboji.  Plan your own Okoboji adventure, and visit the Riddle Me That soon!   Learn more about the Riddle Me That and other fun adventures in the Iowa Great Lakes area at www.VacationOkoboji.com.

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