Okoboji Update: June 2024


Okoboji: Resilient Amidst Flooding

Okoboji is known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant community, and bustling summer tourism. However, this year, the serene town faced an unexpected challenge: flooding. Despite the rising waters and the havoc they threatened to wreak, Okoboji has shown remarkable resilience, remaining open and welcoming visitors with open arms.

Despite the flooding, Okoboji remains a welcoming destination! The spirit of Okoboji's community is indomitable. Residents, business owners, and local authorities sprang into action, working together to implement flood mitigation measures. Sandbags lined the streets, pumps worked tirelessly to redirect water, and volunteers helped to shore up vulnerable areas.

Travel Information & Road Conditions

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Lake Update

Spring brought heavy rains, and with them, swelling rivers and lakes that led to significant flooding across many parts of the Midwest. Okoboji, with its interconnected lakes and waterways, was not spared. The normally tranquil shores saw water levels rise, creeping into streets, parks, and even some local businesses.

As water levels rose, 5MPH rule went into effect on June 18th encouraging boaters to reduce their speeds in order to protect our shorelines. Water levels have continued to rise leaving debris floating in our waters. On June 24th many public beaches were shut down and swimming has now been discouraged. We are hopeful that this will only be temporary, and our waters will be open to guests in the coming weeks.

Attractions and Activities Still Thriving

There's still so much to do and enjoy beyond the waters in the Iowa Great Lakes. Despite the challenges posed by the flooding, Okoboji’s main attractions remain open and as inviting as ever! The Arnolds Park Amusement Park, a historic centerpiece of Okoboji's summer fun, continues to operate, providing joy and entertainment to families. The local marinas have been working tirelessly to ensure safety and security for their customers and guests.

The area’s renowned golf courses, trails, and outdoor recreation areas are still accessible, offering a chance to enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air that Okoboji is famous for. Local businesses remain open and offer the same services and charm they have in the past. We encourage visitors to support the community during this challenging time.

For those planning a visit, Okoboji is ready and waiting. While some adjustments might be necessary, the essence of this beautiful lakeside town – its warm hospitality, stunning scenery, and array of activities – remains unchanged. Visitors can expect a memorable experience, with the added inspiration of witnessing a community that refuses to be beaten by the odds.

Looking Ahead

Okoboji continues to look ahead with optimism. The collaborative efforts seen during the flooding have only strengthened the community bonds, promising an even brighter and more united future. For now, whether you’re a long-time visitor or considering your first trip, Okoboji stands as a beacon of resilience and a perfect summer destination.

In times of adversity, places like Okoboji remind us of the strength found in community and the power of adaptability. Despite the flooding, the town remains open and vibrant, ready to offer a unique and inspiring experience to all who visit. So, pack your bags, head to Okoboji, and be part of this incredible story of resilience and joy.

If you'd like to help our surrounding communities there are many ways to do so. Please consider supporting our local businesses, volunteering your time, or making a monetary donation to local relief funds.

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