Kurio Kastle: Pottery Painting Palace

I Painted Up A Storm
by Rebecca Peters

This week I visited the Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace.  It is a great destination if you’re looking to creating something uniquely “you,” or want to escape your thoughts for an hour or so.

The Kurio Kastle is located on 16th Street just off Hill Avenue in downtown Spirit Lake.  They are currently open by appointment only to allow for social distancing, but owner Lissa Potter is available almost every day, including weekends. It’s very easy to schedule a visit, or you can request a paint-at-home pack!

Upon my arrival to the Kurio Kastle I looked at the large collection of pottery that they have to choose from.  There really is something for everyone!  I selected a starfish plate. The next step was selecting the colors of glaze that I wanted to use.  You are not limited in colors, but I was a little boring and only chose 2 colors.  Glaze is ultimately a finely ground glass that melts and covers your pottery when it’s fired.  The Kurio Kastle has solid, speckled, and multi colored glazes to choose from.  All glazes are nontoxic and washable, but I was very careful and didn’t need to wash any out of my shirt!

It was so relaxing (and fun) to paint at the Kurio Kastle!  It’s important to paint 2 coats of glaze over the entire piece. After you’ve finished, Lissa adds a clear coat to each piece to add extra shine.  Then she fires it in her kiln at 1900 degrees Fahrenheit.  If needed, your piece can be available by the next day, but I’ll be picking my up later this week.  I can’t wait to see the completed project!

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I hope you are inspired to visit  attractions like the Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace!  Plan your own Okoboji adventure and schedule a time to create a usable piece art that you’ll be proud to show off!   Learn more about the Kurio Kastle and other fun adventures in the Iowa Great Lakes area at www.VacationOkoboji.com.

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