Kettleson Hogsback

Connect with Nature!
by Rebecca Peters

Kettleson Hogsback

This week I explored the trails at Kettleson Hogsback Wildlife Management Area. The weather is getting beautiful, and it’s a great time to get outside to watch the plants come back to life.  I’ve heard there are great birdwatching opportunities at Kettleson Hogsback, with over 270 different bird species identified there, so I downloaded a couple bird identifying apps on my phone.

There are over two and a half miles of trails at Kettleson Hogsback.  The trails guided me around Marble Lake and West Hottes Lake.  There are three good spots to park and access the trails.  I started in the middle of the trail system at the Marble Lake access point.  I followed this trail along Marble Lake to steep incline.  It was like nature’s version of a stair master!  The top of that incline is the glacial plateau (hogs back) separating Marble Lake from West Hottes Lake. It offers a lovely view of two lakes, and is the reason for the name!

Spring is a beautiful time of year to be outside exploring our community.  I saw shrubs starting to bud and a few small purple flowers along the trail.  I saw a number of ducks, geese and swans gliding on and over the lakes.  I got so wrapped up in all of the sights and sounds around me that I forgot to check my bird identifying applications on my phone…. Maybe next time!

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The Iowa Great Lakes Area has an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces for us to explore!  Grab a friend and go for a hike at Kettleson Hogsback or one of the many other trails in the area. This is a great time of year to enjoy the natural resources our area has to offer!  Learn more about Kettleson Hogsback and other trails in the Iowa Great Lakes Area at

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