Hot Power Yoga

Adventures with Hot Power Yoga
by Rebecca Peters

I’ve taken Gentle Yoga classes at Yoga Okoboji in the past, but never attempted the Hot Power Yoga.  The room was as the title of the class describes, a hot 98 degrees, and it didn’t take long for my face to match the red color of my shirt.

Mindy Leinbaugh was my instructor.  She carefully walked me through a series of poses that each flowed into the next.  Once we completed the sequence we started over, focusing on the opposite side of the body.  The flow of yoga poses made the class seem very approachable, and the time moved quickly!

At one point I had my body twisted into a “pigeon” pose, a great one for stretching.  I knew my mind should be focused on breathing, but the only thing I could think of was how in the world am I going to untangle myself!  Mindy calming guided me to the next pose, and by the time we retuned to pigeon pose in the next sequence I was solely focused on my breathing!

The following day I could feel that my arm and core muscles had gotten a great workout.  I’m so glad I tried a new yoga class!  It was fun and challenging.  If you’re thinking of a trying a yoga adventure this winter, you can take Hot Yoga in studio at 98 degrees, or virtually at whatever temperature you keep your house.  Yoga is a great workout, and a wonderful way to clear your mind.

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