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“FOCUS” means the center of interest or activity; focal point; heart; the core; or center of attention. Synonyms for “FOCUS” include attention, priority, concentration, to pay particular attention to. In our busy fast paced, plugged in, work, work crazed culture it is easy for us to lose “FOCUS” on what matters in life. We understand that to “RE-FOUCS” we often need to get away, leave home and work behind and retreat somewhere we can relax, unwind, and spend time with “our people”.

We understand this is not an easy task! Thus, Okoboji Tourism is “RE-FOCUSING” our blog to offer posts to help you plan an Okoboji getaway. It is our hope these posts will help you “FOCUS” in on the attractions, activities, and events in Okoboji that appeal to the type of get away you are seeking.

In the days and weeks to come you will be seeing regular blog posts from Okoboji Tourism. We will be highlighting lodging, dining, activities, and events in Okoboji. It is our hope that Okoboji becomes a year around destination for you to retreat and give “FOCUS” to “your people.”

Keeping you “FOCUSED” on all things Okoboji will be Tourism Director Rebecca Peters, Tourism Associate Laurie Simington, and guest bloggers.

Tourism Director

Cheers! I am Rebecca Peters, Tourism Director, and social butterfly! For the past 13 years I have been fortunate enough to call Okoboji home. Prior to that I spent most summer weekends in Okoboji with my family and making friends. I love taking in arts and culture opportunities in Okoboji followed by a stop of one of our fabulous local restaurants or breweries. I also consider myself an unofficial expert on each of Okoboji’s retail shops – is there any such thing as too much shopping! My favorite part of working at the Okoboji Tourism Office is surprising people with how much there is to do here – no matter what your interests are, and I can’t wait to tell you all about this fun & welcoming community!


Assistant Tourism Director

Greetings! I am Laurie Simington, tourism associate, a wife and mom of two teenagers. We are so blessed to live in Okoboji and enjoy stay-cationing all year long. To me life is all about relationships! I write from the heart and from a perspective of family, friends, food and fun. I love to spend time with people, visiting with friends, golfing, relaxing on the lake, riding bikes on the beautiful trails of Okoboji, enjoying live music and eating out. My favorite part of working at the Okoboji Tourism office is helping people plan out their precious vacation time by giving them a “local” view of all there is to do and love about Okoboji.

Do not hesitate to give us a call (800-270-2574) or drop us an email (info@vacationokoboji.comcreate new email) about any and all inquiries you have about Okoboji. We love talking about all things Okoboji and helping “YOU” plan and give “FOCUS” to your Vacation Okoboji.