Central Emporium Stores

Full of unique locally owned stores, come down and make your way through each store in the Central Emporium  located in Arnold’s Park!


With a small collection of knick knacks and clothing wear, they have many cases and displays of beautifully made jewelry; such as, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Come on down to spoil yourself or buy a nice present for someone special!

Palm At the Park

Palm at the Park carries the latest fashions from the iconic Lilly Pulitzer Clothing Line and more. Palm at the Park is the first Lilly Pulitzer Specialty Store in the entire state of Iowa. Brighten up your summer with Lilly Pulitzer!

Animal House

Animal House is home to many brand name clothing companies. They all include swimsuits, shoes, accessories, longboards, and both men and women clothing wear. You can never have too many swimsuits!




















Boji Toes

Boji Toes is a must have on the list of places to spoil yourself in Okoboji! Specializing in pedicures, you will have a relaxing and beautifying time with you and your friends!


Brad’s Bungalow

Brad’s Bungalow has comfortable, stylish clothes and shoes for men. Boys, if you need a new outfit for a night out, this is the place to go!


Designer 836

This store is full of goodies, like; sunglasses, hats, paintings, jewelry, clothes, and other accessories. You will be here awhile looking through all it has to offer!


Elements Boutique

This is the only plus size store in the emporium. With stylish dresses, hats, shirts, and much more, this store can make any woman feel beautiful!

The Extra Touch (with men’s store down the hall)

This immense store has two destinations, one for men down the hall and one at the end for accessories, sweatshirts, t-shrts, shoes, and much more. There is much to buy from, so come check it out!


Flesh Tones

The Extra Touch is the place to go to take care of all your makeup and skincare needs. With multiple brands to choose from, they will help you find the perfect fit for your skin type. After picking out your makeup, you may browse through their adorable clothing options!

















Hushhh… It’s a Secret

This store offers beautiful jewelry and stylish clothes to pick from for a night out on the town or day on the boat!


Miss Behavin Boutique

Miss Behavin Boutique has a stand for many knick knacks and jewelry with walls of beautiful clothing to surround it. Come check it out!

Kay’s Beach Boutique

Shoes, hats, sunglasses, cover ups, stylish clothing, and racks of swimsuits… what more could you ask for?!


Life on the Lake

Life on the Lake has a kid’s section of toys, games, and shoes. The rest of the store has hats, shoes, clothes, and other items to buy from!
















Okoboji Canning Company

With sauces, salsas, dips, and other delectables, you can buy as many cans of these delicious items as your bag can hold!

Momma G’s

Momma G’s has comfortable and colorful sweatshirts, t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts to choose from to take something back home with you!

Okoboji Outlet

Along with games, shoes, clothes, bags, and other accessories, you must check out the awesome selection of hermit crabs they sell! You will have to leave with one!


T Galaxy

With Okoboji clothing , stylish dresses, shoes and accessories, this store offers a wide variety of clothing options for different tastes.



















The Sugar Shack

From kids to adults, this is a store for everyone to spoil their sweet tooth! It is hard to imagine that all these candies exist, so you must get as much as you can! The variety seems endless, but you will find something for everyone!






















MadNic’s Bling and Sport Shop

MadNic’s Bling and Sport Shop has clothing and gift times from all College and Professional sport teams. Come check out all the necessities to becoming someone’s number one sport fan!


















The Garden’s

Offering a docking area and a deck with a view, it is the perfect place to enjoy a burger and drink after a long day out on the boat or shopping the day away. In the very lower floor of the Emporium, you will find games, a dance floor, bar area, and dining options. Bring the family and friends to this delicious restaurant!




















Hi-Point Sky Lounge

This fine dining option is located on the upper level of the Emporium offering steaks and seafood alongside a unique view of the lake!