The Beach Club Lounge

Shake! Shake! Shake!
by Rebecca Peters

This week I sampled several cocktails at The Beach Club Lounge in The Inn Hotel.  Not only did I get to try a few of the unique drinks they serve, but they also put me behind the bar to make some cocktails!  I didn’t realize my arms were going to get such a workout shaking drinks this week!

The Beach Club Lounge has an extensive drink menu.  There is something for almost every taste, and many drinks can also be prepared non-alcoholic.  A special touch at The Beach Club is that many of the drink ingredients are made in-house, like their simple syrups and fruit purées.  This helps create unique flavors that you won’t find many other places. The first drink I learned to make was the Picante Margarita.  I combined fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice with tequila and jalapeño simple syrup. I shook it until ice cold, and served it over ice in a salt rimmed glass garnished with lime and jalapeños!  This margarita was more labor-intensive than the pre-mixed version I serve at home, but it also tasted better.

The next drink I attempted to make was a Hook and Ladder.  This is a whiskey drink that I poured into a small bottle after combining the ingredients and shaking intensely.  Next, I put a tube in the bottle to “smoke” the cocktail with hickory wood chips.  There’s a real art to getting the tube out and sealing the smoke in.  It took me 3 attempts, but I finally got it!  Customers can then choose how “smokey” they want their whiskey by releasing the lid and pouring it over ice garnished with an spiral orange peel.  I learned that I’m slow, but skilled at making spiral orange peels!  I also made The Botanist which used freshly made strawberry purée, and looked (and tasted) incredibly refreshing.

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The best part of my adventure this week was actually trying the cocktails!  All were unique and delicious.  They won’t put you to work making drinks, but it’s fun to watch The Beach Club Bartenders work their magic as they shake up a special drink for you!  Learn more about The Beach Club Lounge and other attractions serving up tasty drinks in the Iowa Great Lakes Area at

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