Classic West Lake Loop

Bike Trail

This classic West Lake Okoboji loop ride will take you just over 18 miles around beautiful West Lake Okoboji. You can start at many points around the lake. This ride started at First Lutheran Church in West Okoboji which has plenty of parking and is great launching point. You can head north or south from this point and with a stiff north wind I elected to go north first which took me on bike friendly city streets first by beautiful Terrace Park Beach and then winded through a residential area before coming out at Arnold's Park Amusement Park.


From there you can ride down Lake Street and stop and admire the all new boardwalk and State Pier and turn right up the Promenade, or you can turn right at the Maritime Museum and take the trail up.

State Pier

Either way when you come up the hill you have two choices (this is the tricky part, and the only part of the ride that is unmarked and not obvious what to do). So choice one (this is the route the map will take you on) would be to stay low go in front of the Central Emporium and Fillenwarth Resort where you can sneak through a small gravel opening by the Dry Dock (a great place to stop and eat) and travel toward the bridge and beach where you can go under the road and admire the incredible art work in the tunnel which will take you out by The Ritz (another fun drink of dinning spot). Option two would be to take a slight left up the hill to Broadway street, past many great places to eat or grab a drink to the stop light where you turn left and follow the trail along Highway 71.

Bike Trail
No matter which option you take it is pretty smooth sailing from there. You will definitely want to stop on the Tressel Bridge where East Lake meets West Lake and take in the view or see if the people fishing are catching anything. Just passed the Bridge another great stop is The Okoboji Store!

Okoboji Store

Continue north up the spine trail until you will take a left at the sign that says Pearson Lakes Art Center and Westport school house.  Pass by Ranch Okoboji where you could stop and enjoy a Margarita.  Cross Highway 71 and enjoy the newly paved stretch of trail past the Pearson Lakes Art Center and curve left to the Dickinson County Nature Center.

Bike Trail

Once you leave this beautiful stretch of trail just follow the trail signs along Lake Shore drive to the North end of the lake will you will find the 2.3 miles of new trail along Indian Hills Golf Course and the North side of West Lake.  You will then travel some street routes and again follow the signs.  Along this stretch you will want to make sure and stop to take in the incredible view of West Lake Okoboji.



When you get to the south east end of Cutty's you will join the trail again which will take your right by Pub 19 at Okoboji View Golf Course. Pub 19 is a great stop for pizza, sandwiches, and a cold drink.

When you jump back on your back you will wind through many beautiful miles and will end up at the starting point at First Lutheran Church.

Bike trail