Bounce Your Day Away!
by Rebecca Peters

Bouncelandia Bouncing

This week I visited Bouncelandia, the world’s largest bounce house in Milford, IA.  I was able to bounce my afternoon away and feel like a kid again.  This unique attraction is perfect for all ages that love to have fun! Bouncelandia is very hard to miss.  Imagine a multicolored inflatable playground that fills up over 13,000 square feet.  They have an inflatable obstacle course, twister board, ax throwing, t-ball, basketball, and so much more.  They even have a concession stand for when you need a break from the bouncing fun. You’ll need a refreshment after you try the obstacle course!

I started my afternoon of fun in the huge “castle.”  They have speakers in the center with fun music setting the tone for a good time.  The castle has multiple areas for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and a smaller obstacle course. I bounced all over the place, threw a few balls at the hoop, climbed the ladder and slid down the slide. Then ventured on the discover inflatables throughout the rest of the property, including the “ax-throwing” game.  My first couple attempts were dismal, but then I figured out how to throw the inflatable ax just right so that it would attached to the Velcro strips and stick!

After hitting my bouncing stride in the castle and surrounding games, I thought I was ready to challenge myself to the huge obstacle course.  I was wrong.  It started off great.  I crawled through, climbed over, ducked under, and bounced around all sorts of obstacles.  I climbed ladders and slid down slides.  I was having so much fun, but then I started to fear it might never end!  I was only half way through and exhausted!  Did I exit the obstacle course early?  Yes.  Will I go back and attempt it again?  YES!

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The Iowa Great Lakes Area has many fun attractions like Bouncelandia.  We all deserve a day to bounce and feel like a kid.  Luckily, we can do that at Bouncelandia right in our own backyard!  Regardless of your age, I encourage you to put on an old pair of socks and bounce a day away this summer.  You can learn more about Bouncelandia and all of the other great area attractions at

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