50 Mile Ride

Bike Trail

This 50 mile challenge ride is fun, safe, and winds through the beautiful trail system, while also giving you some safe wide open county roads to test your speed.

Bike Trail

Milford Trail Head

You can begin anywhere along the route, but this ride started at The Milford Trail Head.  From there you shoot up a county road and jump on the trail by First Lutheran Church. Once on the trail you will stay on it around West Lake Okoboji following Highway 86.  A great first stop is opens in a new windowPub 19 Bar and Grill at Okoboji View Golf Course.  Pub 19 has great drinks, a full menu of sandwiches and entrees, and amazing Pizza.

Pub 19

Pub 19 Bar and Grill

Crossing the underpass at Cutty's you will continue across the north side of the lake mostly on trail, much of it new trail.

Cutty's Trail

New Trail South of Cutty's

At Indian Hill golf course you will turn right Lakeshore Drive taking that  to the Nature Center Connector Trail.

Bike Trail

Dickinson County Nature Center to Art Center Connector

At the Okoboji Summer theater you will cross Highway 71 and meet up with the Spine trail where you will take a left toward Spirit Lake.

Bike Trail

Spirit Lake Connector (by The Ranch)

After winding on the trail through Spirit Lake you will come out by the opens in a new windowThe Spillway Drive In and State Fish Hatchery.  The Spillway would be a great stop for a cold drink, ice cream treat or lunch!


Spillway Drive In

After a refreshing stop, continue across the street veer left on the trail and head north following trail signs on some city streets until you meet up with the trail again.  This trail will take you to county road A15 where you will take a right and head up and around Spirit Lake and then out on a county road into Minnesota.  This route is marked with Bike Trail signs. Eventually you will hit a trail by Loon Lake, in Minnesota that will bring you down to Mini-Wakan State Park.


Mini-Wakan State Park.

From Mini-Wakan State Park you cross the grade which is a beautiful view, stop and check out all the lily pads on the left side! At the stop sign take a left and you will wind back down into Spirit Lake on county roads and a wide paved shoulder before you meet up with bike trail again and head back into Spirit Lake.  At the Spirit Lake Hy-Vee you will notice a new bike trail head which will have bathrooms, maps and bike tools and will be a great place for a break or to start a day of riding.  From the Spirit Lake trail head follow the bike trail signs back to the spine trail.  Along the way if you need nourishment you will pass McDonalds, and The Okoboji Store!  All GREAT stops!

Okoboji Store

From the opens in a new windowOkoboji Store cross the Trestle Bridge where East meets West Lake Okoboji and take the mix of trail and road riding by following bike trail signs all the way back to the Milford Trail Head.

While you will be on paved trails for the majority of the route there are many miles of county roads or paved shoulders. However, you will feel very safe.  I am not a big fan of riding county roads or road shoulders and I feel very safe on this route.  Make sure you have a good rear light so you can be seen and most traffic you encounter will be courteous!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at:  info@vacationokoboji.comcreate new email  or Vacactionokoboji.com