30 Mile Ride Loop

Bike trail

One of the best thing about the bike trails in The Iowa Great Lakes are there are many great loop rides you can enjoy. This 30 mile loop ride can easily become a 40 mile or 50 mile ride depending on how many miles you are wanting to get in.

This ride began in Milford but there are a variety of places to park and begin your ride all along this route.

For the most part, the ride is clearly marked and mostly on dedicated paved bike trail.  The one tricky part of this ride is when the trail ends on the North side of West Lake just past Indian Hills Golf Course.  At this point, you will want to turn left on 155th ST (instead of following the trail sign right on Lakeshore Drive).  Then head up the big hill on the road past the Lakes Area Dog Park, down the hill and turn right on Lundberg Drive behind Rozenboom Machine and Tool.  When you get to the stop sign at highway 9, carefully cross highway 9 and just on the other side (after crossing a gravel entry) is the brand New Titonka Ska Trail.  Take a left on the Trail and you can enjoy the brand new Titonka Ska Trace Trail and continue on the trail up and around East Lake Okoboji.

Bike Trail

Tatonka Ska Phase II

Stop highlights include Pub 19 Bar and Grill, at Okoboji View Golf Course, for amazing Pizza and cold drinks!  Woude's Bay Bar is a locals favorite open on weekends in the fall.  Be sure you see "Roo" the three legged cat!  The Okoboji Store is also a fun stop for food, drinks and live music on the weekends!