Rainy Day in Okoboji: WHAT TO DO

The weather may not always be bright and sunny, but no worries! We have the perfect plan for an unexpected rainy day in Okoboji! Stay busy and explore Okoboji!


The personality of Okoboji has been shaped by its significant history. Our local museums can help take you on a trip through time in learning about how this place came to be! Take the time out of your day to plan a route to all of our museums. Click the link to give you more information about where to find these museums!

Movie theaters

Great Lakes Cinemagic has multiple screening areas and a popular selection of the newest movies! Milford Pioneer, with its newly redone theatre, highlights one of the newest movies out at the time in their screening room. Both have comfortable seating, buttery popcorn, and delicious treats!


With its current renovations in the pub and bowling alley, they still have their delicious food and drinks as well as a fantastic new bowling area! Grab your pizza and a bowling ball and get your lane!




Nature Center

Riddle Me That

This new, fun activity in town is the perfect opportunity for a group of friends to come together and solve a mystery! There are no pictures of the rooms, as we do not want to give away any hints to help solve the riddle, but each of their rooms are different and difficult to solve. You must work together to get out in time!

Pearson Lakes Art Center/ Art Smart Gallery

The Pearson Lakes Art Center is home to a beautiful performing arts center, exquisite artist’s works, outdoor gallery, art smart gallery, and so much more. It hosts many events: weddings, graduations, meetings, etc. It is the perfect place for exploring the creative minds of local artists and artists outside the lakes area. Bring the kids while you walk through the galleries as they play in the art smart gallery!


Coffee shops

Area coffee shops: Arnolds Perk, Daily Addiction, The Coffee Shop, and Rabab’s

Each one of these coffee shops has its own unique personality tied into the coffees and delicious treats! Make your morning coffee runs at any one of these coffee shops to start your day off right!


Public library

Reading on a rainy day may be a cliché, but visiting the public library provides a large variety of books and quiet places to read or study. With many activities and classes for kids, they will be entertained and learning as they go! Swing by to pick our your favorite book!


Indoor dining 

There seem to be endless amount of options to dine on the water in Okoboji, but all of our food availabilities have indoor seating as well! If you get hungry, hop in the car and enjoy the delicious food selections across the lakes area!